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Euclid Summit 2015: Power to drive positive change

L_social_change_logo_2The 2015 Euclid Summit on Power to drive positive change: Building civil society and social enterprise knowhow for 2020 and beyond will take place on 14-16 October 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Europe’s civil society, social economy and social enterprise movement has always found the power to drive positive change through its knowhow besides its values, knowledge and networks. The Euclid Summit 2015 will help build new knowhow and skills for innovative civil society organisations and social enterprises in a changing world.

There is a huge potential and need to develop new skills and competences for an age of innovation, collaboration and digital technology. This unique event will feature forward-thinking masterclasses, knowhow-sharing sessions and informal knowhow cafés in three main streams: knowhow for people, knowhow for money, knowhow for tools.

Civil society organisations and social enterprises are pioneering by both nature and necessity. In order to realise the full potential of our resources, it is crucial to embed strong and flexible knowhow within the sector. The EU wanted to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It set its policy goals of reducing poverty & exclusion, tackling climate change, reducing school drop-out rates and reducing unemployment by 2020. The reality is lagging behind these targets. Civil society organisations and social enterprises have the power to make a significant difference but they need to share and embrace new knowhow to face the challenges.

As the newest member of the European Union, our Croatian partners are uniquely placed to provide a fresh perspective on the EU’s Europe 2020 Strategy from both sides of the coin. Join us in the vibrant city of Zagreb to empower civil society and social enterprise to effectively drive forward this positive change through knowhow!

Download the draft agenda here and stay tuned for Euclid Summit registration. If you want to find out how you can get involved, please contact Stephen Barnett.

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