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Phyrtual is growing!

pyrtualThe digital platform adopted by ComeON! to develop the training course is getting more and more popular: schools, youth clubs and grass-root social initiatives are using it to innovate the approach to social innovation. Hundreds of micro projects are developed thanks to the different tools that can be adopted to ease the cooperation within the group and with other groups worldwide!

Phyrtual allows individuals and organizations active in the field of social innova tion to interact, collaborate and learn from each other in an appealing context as well as to develop strategic approaches that integrate both the physical and virtual dimension into processes of change.

Users can share any type of knowledge: projects, news, dreams, development plans and artistic or creative ideas. Besides being a meeting place for social innovation projects, Phyrtual.org is an open environment where organizations and individuals can meet to develop ideas and test co-design practices. It also is an integrated innovation-oriented crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform.

Phyrtual is integrated with Solidarity Cloud, a support environment that provides didactic modules and apps, as well as knowledge and learning objects for training and problem-solving. Solidarity Cloud is a space for the development of communities that want to contribute to teaching youth (i.e., craftsmen and other entrepreneurs that aim to be mentors or coaches) and for community improvement experiences. Solidarity Cloud includes two further tools:

  • Open Community/Problem Store – is a virtual open space dedicated to problems and opportunities from the community of users (a sort of market pull: i.e., a citizen could pose a local problem concerning the community in which he or she lives and the Phyrtual community could help him face the issue by turning it into a social innovation challenge.).
  • Open Knowledge/Skills Store – is a virtual space containing the description of knowledge/competences of individuals that are willing to provide their help to the community of users as consultants, mentors or potential project partners

Social innovation illuminates a new route to change based on a variety of grassroots initiatives and daily experiments. Phyrtual is an open, collective envir onment in which every project can be transformed into a movement and give rise to innovation. Phyrtual, a project amongst projects, accepts the challenge of becoming a service platform for the global social innovation movement

Go Phyrtual!

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