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ComeON! International Workshop

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The ComeON! european project, rooted in the development of social innovation projects, aims at promoting active citizenship of both elderly and young people.

The project allowed the partnership to conceive and test a new methodology. This merges the online and the offline dimensions, where intergenerational groups could experience a training aimed at tackling the challenges of the social innovation in the respective communities.

The innovative training was implemented in Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain, and involved 105 high school students, 80 senior volunteers and 18 teachers, who managed to launch 9 micro-projects where social innovation, solidarity and active citizenship came from the exchange between the generations. The groups greatly enjoyed the experience: the young and the old had fun together and discovered a lot, learning from each other and playing the role of active members of the community. The schools where the training took place had the chance to test a new way to engage the students in meaningful and empowering actions, bringing them into the community dynamics.

The projects results and stories will be shared at the international workshop, that will take place in Rome on next October 30th, during the Smart&Heart initiative. More info on: http://www.mondodigitale.org/Smart&HeartCities/comeon-conference

Here’s the Programme and the link to register your participation!

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