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The Rome Munincipality City Hall, in the splendid location of the Campidoglio, hosted the International Workshop organized by the ComeON! partnership to launch and disseminate the project results. More than 100 people, mainly senior volunteers, students and representatives of active ageing organizations on 30th October welcomed the ComeON! teachers, invited to give vivid stories about the benefits of the piloting trainings. Interactive presentations, questions and answers, and some game about the intergenerational gap proposed by the keynote speaker Mr. Di Pietro.







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The ComeON! european project, rooted in the development of social innovation projects, aims at promoting active citizenship of both elderly and young people.

The project allowed the partnership to conceive and test a new methodology. This merges the online and the offline dimensions, where intergenerational groups could experience a training aimed at tackling the challenges of the social innovation in the respective communities.

The innovative training was implemented in Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain, and involved 105 high school students, 80 senior volunteers and 18 teachers, who managed to launch 9 micro-projects where social innovation, solidarity and active citizenship came from the exchange between the generations. The groups greatly enjoyed the experience: the young and the old had fun together and discovered a lot, learning from each other and playing the role of active members of the community. The schools where the training took place had the chance to test a new way to engage the students in meaningful and empowering actions, bringing them into the community dynamics.

The projects results and stories will be shared at the international workshop, that will take place in Rome on next October 30th, during the Smart&Heart initiative. More info on: http://www.mondodigitale.org/Smart&HeartCities/comeon-conference

Here’s the Programme and the link to register your participation!

The innovative training course developed by the ComeON! partners were successfully piloted in 5 Countries



93 students, 69 seniors and 13 teachers experienced the training course. The participants enjoyed the most the intergenerational dimension of the experience, and started together new social adventures, where the community bond is strengthened and their active role in detecting issues and proposing innovative actions is triggered. The participants have widely used ICT tools to cooperate and learnt together new concepts, methods and potentialities of being active citizens.

As expected in some cases the course was adapted for the specific groups involved, and there was an incredible freedom to design and dream different kinds of intergenerational initiatives, the micro-projects.

The partners are now evaluating the experiences in details, to bring to the public a consistent set of recommendations when developing the course in other contexts.

If you are a high school teacher, a volunteer or a social worker, you should really think at intergenerational initiatives to boost the learning opportunities and the social innovation in your community, adopting ComeON! methods and curriculum!

Find all the relevant material to proceed

Spain: in Castellon, the young and elder students create together a project to manage parking spaces for disabled people


A group of students from Agora Lledó International School of Castellón and seniors have worked together in the planning and definition of a social innovation project which aims to solve the problems that people with disabilities face in finding parking spaces in the city.
The micro-project, Management of parking for people with disabilities in the cities, assumes that in the city of Castellón there are few parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities, these citizens find it difficult to locate, and when they do, they often find that vehicles are being occupied by people without disabilities.
One of their proposal to solve this problem consists in providing the interior parking of a system that allows people with disabilities to justify their condition using a key that gives them access to parking in places planned for them, which will be identified by sensors and a different colored lighting. They suggest developing an app for mobile devices to inform about the position of the parking spaces available and to give the option to book the place.


Italy: in Rome, 2 schools experienced ComeON!, discovering the districts

bf1f8ee7-5787-497f-9172-5c90cf0e0c9aA total of 30 secondary school students and 27 senior volunteers, supported by 3 secondary school teachers from two different schools (IIS Federcio Caffè and LSS Francesco D’Assisi) participated in the ComeON! course pilots in Italy. The micro projects developed by the intergenerational groups were about mapping Centocelle district spots where generations could meet and about reading initiatives into the district relevant places. What motivated most the seniors was the practical sessions on the identification of community problems and need.They think that the micro-projects are a good chance for the people of the community. “To work in this way is useful because it’s very important to know all about the place where you live and it’s the only way to get it better”, said Valentino about the project “I Luoghi del Quartiere”. This methodology has motivated the students to improve their community. The experience of identifying and implementing the micro-projects with older people was very useful for them: “Put in contact people from the same community with internet is what we call the glocal approach”, said Martina about the “Nonni No Problem” project.


f76b3c4b-4d6d-4e1c-a7db-25582248ad48Romania: in Iași students and seniors played together with theatre

The ComeON! course led the intergenerational group to work jointly on a theatre play about the exchange, the memory and the love between generations. The staging of the play “Ludic” was a joy and authors, actors and public, because the show is to the fore the theme of love, the feeling that has no age and which ennobles people. At the beginning of the play, perspectives on love are two different generations, creating the source of the conflict, but during the action, touched young Cupid’s arrow, turns, after coming into the forest full of wisdom, embodied by seniors wearing shirts with quotes from the opera “Homework” of Nicolae Dabija. This revelation occurs will determine later the young man, the mysterious young Asian dialogue, opening the trunk of values ​​and life experience of seniors revealed protagonist, to realize the real meaning of life: love is the architect of the universe, the source of happiness and perpetuating being, people. The show ends with a personal tribute brought by each student one of his grandparents, by affixing their photos on their shirts, conveying the idea that will bear the name with dignity received.

The Netherland: in Garmerwolde an innovative initiaitive where music kinked the generations


On Saturday April 4, 2015, Old and Young made music together in Garmerwolde, Groningen. After several meetings and practice sessions between students of the de Rijdende PopSchool (the traveling School of Pop) and senior citizens (involved in a choir), the Garmerwolde community gathered to see and listen to music and have fun. 5 songs were performed by a mix of choir and popschool members. They had chosen the songs during discussions organised within the ComeOn! project. Besides, the Popschool band and choir performed their own songs. The night lasted from 19.00 to 22.30 and it was good to see that young, middle aged and old all enjoyed the evening and stayed to the end. During the concert the ComeON! Course and its underlining philosophy were presented to the community. Also the results of the discussions between elderly and young were discussed.

Hungary: in Budapest 4 micro projects were designed by the intergenerational team


The Budapest Cultural Centre and its partner organisation, the Bethlen Gabor Highschoolworked together on the ComeON! course in which students and senior volunteers carried out four micro-projects to foster social innovation.The 30 hour ComeON! courseran from January-May 2015. Eight older volunteers and eighteen students were involved to learn more about the most important 21st century life-competences, volunteering and social innovation.Within the framework of the course participants planned their own micro-projects based on the theoretical inputs and implemented them in their community. By the end of the course the two generations set up four pilot projects on the areas of volunteering, sustainability, IT and career guidance.

The pilot courses are going to finish and it’s time to share what is going well and what was difficult . For this reason the partnership is meeting in Iasi, hosted by the School Inspectorate of Iasi County, for an extra meeting to allow the best exploitation of the results of the project and plan its follow up.


We challenged students and teachers, senior volunteers and ourselves in the innovation of participative practices. Each pilot is bringing interesting results, such as the enthousiasm of the intergenerational teams, the discover of the phyrtual dimension, the contacts with the local communities.


downloadThe Global Junior Challenge is the international competition that rewards the innovative use of technology for the education of 21st century and the social inclusion. Promoted by the Municipality of Rome the GJC is hosted every two years by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale under the High Patronage of the Italian Presidency and the sponsorship of the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister.

The GJC is a unique opportunity to reflect on the importance of the challenges posed by 21st century education and the role of technology in didactic innovation, social innnovation, development and the reduction of world poverty.

2015 Edition final event will be in Rome, 28-30 October. The event programme foresees to host the final conference of the ComeOn! Project.

Submit your application to enrlo your project to the challenge, by the end of July: http://www.gjc.it/2015/en/node/add/gjc

Watch the video of the sixth edition of the Global Junior Challenge: short version and full version.



The ComeON! Course will be tested simultaneously in five countries (Netherland, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Spain) by teachers in upper secondary schools and their students together with a group of 10/20 elders. Project activities will end in May 2015.

Teachers will be able to exploit an e-learning platform on Phyrtual.eu (requires registration) where all the course material has been published (six modules including videos, PPT presentations and other multimedia material). These tools will be used by the intergenerational groups to design social innovation projects to better communities and local environments. The projects will be shared and promoted on Phyrtual.org, which also integrates a crowdfunding platform. Read more

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe project, in its second year, will see high school students and seniors of the community joining together the training course to develop social innovation actions. The curriculum and its guidelines (for teachers, students, seniors) will serve as common ground of implementation of the courses.

As soon you can find in this website the first  stories from the piloting experiences!

2014-09-29-10-30-15At the end of September the partners of the project went in Madrid -hosted by Fundetec- together with the teachers that will run the piloting courses with students and senior volunteers. The meeting will foster the motivation and the opportunity to support each other, also through a cooperative platform that will contain the course materials and will bring together the teachers and the facilitators to exchange challenges, results and good ideas.

Stay tuned to get to know more!IMG_2126


One of the task of the project is to design and test an innovative training course for students and seniors to start to work together in community projects, adopting physical and virtual dimensions.

ComeON! will develop and, together with secondary school teachers, pilot and refine an innovative intergenerational training course. The course will offer young and old exciting opportunities to learn through and about interactive face-to-face (‘physical’) methods and cutting-edge virtual platforms. Participants will, furthermore, learn about and experience the ways in which the physical and the virtual can be joined to create novel ways to bring about social change at the community level, thorugh social innovation projects. Participating in ComeON! is expected to showcase the potential of both elderly and young citizens to actively contribute to dealing with important challenges of current day Europe.

Download here the pilot Course Curriculum: ComeON! Curriculum_EN