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From Grundtvig to Erasmus+

Come On! is supported by the European Commission through its Grundtvig Programme. The new generation of programmes – that have 7 year of duration – such as Erasmus, Youth in Action, LLP and Leonardo are now merged in a more startegical framework, the Erasmus + programme. The Erasmus+ programme aims Read more

Intergenerational Projects in the Budapest Cultural Centre!

We are proud to share three projects that the ComeON! partner from Budapest is developing bringing together seniors and teens. “Granny – Student IT Study Circle” project in the Budapest Cultural Centre Older and younger people have been meeting regularly since 2013 in the Budapest Cultural Centre. Some secondary school Read more

Traditional Art Club at Boşteni-Paşcani, Iasi county

The world is in continuous progress and the people do what is easier: buy all from the shopping mall. Young people are embarrassed to wear traditional clothes, preferring blue-jeans. Girls do not know how to sew or weave beautiful traditional costumes. This is why in Boşteni-Paşcani from Iaşicounty,the teacher Emilia Read more

Grandparent Tablet

Riccardo Pasquarelli, 80 years old, has discovered that volunteering has no age limits thanks to Project Teo – Third Age Online. Riccardo, who oversees the “Primo Maggio” Elder Centre in the Pietralata neighbourhood in Rome, attended the digital literacy course held at the IIS Sibilla Aleramo School and immediately become a perfect Knowledge Read more

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Innovatív tanulás az Európai Unióban: a Grundtvig program

A Grundtvig program a felnőttképzésben vagy „alternatív” kurzusokon részt vevő felnőtt tanulók tanulási szükségleteire és képzésére fókuszál, valamint a szolgáltatásokat biztosító szervezetekre.


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Phyrtual, innovating the communities in 2 dimensions

 Phyrtual.org is a website dedicated to social innovation, that is, innovation driven by the motivation to improve the lives of all and, particularly, the lives of disadvantaged citizens of society

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