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I3C: a youth oriented set of services for social innovation

The 3d printer in the Youth CentreYouth is now facing new challenges, and they can play a strong role to support senior learning and to gain from exeperienced citizens support, help and sustainability.
The Youth Information centre in Venice is really engaged in this, with the  I3C, a spin-off that includes an Innovation Incubator, information centers, Coworking, made ​​tangible by:

Coworking Community, established in 2012, is an office space : provided free of charge for one year to associations , professionals and business start-up who wish to develop their project idea in a challenging work environment , full of exchanges and relations know where new potential collaborators and professional partners . Includes a phone line and wifi, copier , scanner and fax .
MELAB, Mestre Laboratory, is a collaborative space dedicated to new technologies , creativity , communication, and movement makers, a reinterpretation of unprofessional Fab Lab In our case, this is a self-produced and self-assembled 3D printers by a group of makers of our country , and its accessibility to all in the opening hours so as to allow the general public to raise awareness of a revolutionary innovation ;
SIHve, Social Innovators Hub of Venice , is a temporary incubator of entrepreneurship with a strong social impact , within which it is possible to develop a set of steps and actions aimed at providing services and practical tools for the development of youth entrepreneurship , which be in addition to those already offered to the coworking community.

Find out more here: http://www.i3cvenezia.com/

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