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Intergenerational Projects in the Budapest Cultural Centre!

logo-bccWe are proud to share three projects that the ComeON! partner from Budapest is developing bringing together seniors and teens.

“Granny – Student IT Study Circle” project in the Budapest Cultural Centre
Older and younger people have been meeting regularly since 2013 in the Budapest Cultural Centre. Some secondary school students teach older people for information technology. During the meetings older people acquired new IT skills and thanks to the length of the meetings they had the chance to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice.
The topics are different covering all fields of modern communication and everyday use of the internet from social media or Gmail to route planner.
During the teaching sessions younger people have some job related experience; they learn responsibility, punctuality, the importance of preparation. Apart from that their competences are improved: as they teach older people they have some teaching practice and they learn some teaching methods.

“Young IT mentors” project in the Budapest Cultural Centre
The project was set up in March 2014 where older people can take part in one-to-one consultations. This can contribute significantly to bridging the gap between generations.
We combined the mentoring program with a competence assessment program. At the beginning of the program we assessed younger participants’ intergenerational cooperation competences and we will measure them again at the end of the program so we will be able to see the competence development in that special field.

Both programs contribute to the social cohesion and solidarity by reducing prejudice and bridging the communication gap between generations. Younger and older people learn cooperation and due to the younger generation’s accumulated knowledge older people accept them as professionals in the IT field.
The programs also contribute to equal opportunities in the field of accessing information.
„The Aunt Mary project” in the Budapest Cultural Centre
A woman group was set up as a pilot project within a Grundtvig project in which the youngest participant is 23 years old and the oldest one is 83 years old. Regular meetings have been held since February 2014.
The aims of the meetings are to discuss issues and challenges which affect women’s lives and reflect to them from women’s point of view.
During the team-building phase participants agreed on the topics which would be discussed within the group.
There has been a discussion about gender equality and there is an ongoing discussion combined with presentations on how history affected group members’ families and the women in those families.  The final aim is to set up the group’s own project which can be done as voluntary work in the future.

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