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In this section you can find the relevant publications edited in the project framework.

Get to know social innovation and intergenerational solidarity!

All publications on comeon-project.eu are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license


The Piloting Report

The aim of the  report is to detail the different stages of the course delivery in order to test the ComeON! intergenerational approach, consisting in the creation of dedicated pilot training courses where seniors and secondary school students and their teachers from each country will implement micro-projects related to social innovation within their local context.

Download the report: ComeON Piloting Report


The Literature Review

The review of the Literature as well as the analysis of the case studies demonstrate that intergenerational learning initiatives benefit both generations involved, as well as their families and communities. Our analysis highlights that in the majority of the case studies an important benefit in terms of social cohesion and solidarity is represented by the fact that both generations overcome stereotypes and prejudices connected to the other age group.

Download a presentation of the Research: Desk Research Synthesis.PPT
Download the research: ComeON! Research Report


The Course Curriculum

The course is designed to be implemented by secondary school teachers with secondary school pupils and senior volunteers. The aim of the ComeON! Course is to provide teachers with a specific methodology based on intergenerational learning through a “phyrtual” didactic approach, an innovative and interactive on-line environment to share knowledge and socialise through experiences, to allow everyone to actively participate in the process of integration and overcome the digital divide.

Download the curriculum: ComeON! Curriculum_ENG

Handbook for Teachers

This Guide is intended to provide all the information to coordinate the running of the intergenerational course of the ComeON! Project. All activities and materials for the different Units and Session of the course are described in detail.

Download the handbook:

ComeON_Handbook for teachers_ENGLISH

ComeON_Handbook for teachers_ DUTCH

ComeON_Handbook for teachers HUNGARIAN

ComeON_Handbook for teachers_ITALIAN

ComeON_Handbook for teachers_ROMANIAN

ComeON_Handbook for teachers_SPANISH


Guidelines for Students and Young Volunteers


This document contains tips and suggestions to better take part and have fun during the intergenerational experience, in the perspective of the younger participants.
Download the Guidelines for Students and Young Volunteers:

ComeON! Guidelines for Students ENGLISH

ComeON! Guidelines for Students Dutch

ComeON! Guidelines for Students_Hungarian

ComeON!_Guidelines for Students_Italian

ComeON_Guidelines for Students_Romanian

ComeON_Guidelines for Students_Spanish


Guidelines for Senior Volunteers


This document contains tips and suggestions to better take part and have fun during the intergenerational experience, in the perspective of the senior participants.
Download the Guidelines for Senior Volunteers:

Come ON! Guidelines for Senior Volunteers ENGLISH

Come ON!_Guidelines for Seniors_Italian

Come ON!_Guidelines for Seniors_Hungarian

Come ON!_Guidelines for Seniors_Dutch

Come ON!_Guidelines for Seniors_Spanish

Come ON!_Guidelines for Seniors_Romanian


Reports and Surveys

These documents explains how the project tackled its challenges and how much the participants were satisfied with the piloting training courses.

National Exploitation Events Report.compressed

Final Evaluation Report

Annex I_Management Evaluation questionnaire

Annex II_Meeting Evaluation questionnaire

Annex III_Satisfaction survey_teachers

Annex IV_Satisfaction survey_seniors

Annex V_Satisfaction survey_students