Welcome in the Come-on! project website
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The Approach


The ComeON! intergenerational learning approach and environment will contain: 

  1. A modular and adaptable system of open contents focused on life competences and positive human behaviour, including knowledge, methodologies, and practices for social innovation and entrepreneurship for community improvement;

  2. A knowledge-based, community-building, Phyrtual environment, integrating the territorial with the virtual social innovation environment Phyrtual.org. This will stimulate the learning of “phyrtuality”, i.e., the integrated physical and virtual approach to strategy-making, implementation, and evaluation of social innovation processes for community improvement. Phyrtual.org will be enhanced to the requirements of the project;

  3. A real-time evaluation methodology for the evaluation of target groups’ perceived quality and value of the materials, courses and events;

  4. Dedicated pilot training courses integrated with concrete social innovation work where seniors and students, supported by their teachers, will identify and implement micro-projects related to social innovation at local level in partner countries.

To get to know the Phyrtual environment: Phyrtual description